Indian Ocean Futures 2014

The Indian Ocean Futures Conference is being held from 25-28 March 2014 in Fremantle, Western Australia. It is an international conference presented by the Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute Indian Ocean Futures Initiative.

The Indian Ocean basin is rapidly becoming a powerhouse of economic, social, cultural and political development. The countries and populations around the Indian Ocean rim are already experiencing profound change.

Indian Ocean Futures 2014 brings together academics, government, industry and communities to identify these changes and discuss the challenges for the future of the region and its peoples.

Join us in March, 2014 on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the historic port city of Fremantle for an opportunity to present, discuss and further new approaches to the region, its potentials, challenges and peoples.

The conference is particularly interested in papers that address present and future interrelationships, connections and compatibilities between three major themes and the sub-topics in each:

communities, identities, texts, communication, the arts, tourism

environment, climate, ecology, health, resources, spaces

food, energy, borders, human rights, populations, education, climate, environmental

The conference will include a CREATIVE PROGRAM of performances, exhibitions and displays as well as social events and tours.



Professor Graham Seal (Convenor)

Professor Suvendrini Perera (Creative Program co-director)

Professor John Stephens (Executive committee)

Professor Bob Pokrant (Security co-director)

Dr Chris Hubbard (Security co-director)

Associate Professor Reena Tiwari (Sustainability director)

Professor Tim Dolin (Culture director)

Distinguished Professor Anna Haebich (Creative Program co-director)

Professor Dawn Bennett (Creative Program co-director)

Professor Kim Scott (Executive Committee)



Dr Anita Kelleher – Chair of Australian and Asian Regional Nodes of the Millennium Project

Mr Neville Roach AO – Indian Prime Minister’s Global Advisory Council of Overseas Indians

Professor Dennis Rumley – Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group/ University of Western Australia

Professor Julianne Schultz AM – Editor Griffith Review, Griffith University

Professor Peter Stanley – Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society, UNSW, Canberra

Professor Linda Briskman – Swinburne Institute for Social Research

Professor Terence Gomez – Social & Behavioral Science Research Cluster, University of Malaya

Associate Professor Christopher Vernon – University of Western Australia

Dr Trevor Hogan – Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology


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